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God’s People Appreciate Marriage (Marriage: A Taste of Heaven series) by Patsy Rae Dawson

"I'm falling in love all over again!"
most common remark readers make

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God's People Appreciate Marriage made The 2007 All-Time Favorites List
in The Christian Chronicle, one of the largest online newspapers for Christians.
"Our marriage is a blessing now, but I'll be a better husband"
Texas Elder
I just finished reading your book, Marriage: A Taste of Heaven Vol 1. I thought it was excellent. It's the first book I've read that truly promotes the Biblical glory of the roles God has ordained and the beautiful relationship of marriage from a scriptural perspective.I was most impressed with the section on the Song of Solomon. I've read that book twice and wondered why it was in the Bible. I look forward to re-studying that book with a new perspective.I told my wife about how impressed I was with the book, and she is reading it now. We'll be married 39 years in October, and it has been a blessing every day. But even still, I think I'll be a better husband in the future. I plan to order copies for my children.

"Read to my wife until 3:00 a.m.--Inspired us to our core" Marriage Enrichment Teacher

I started reading your first book to my wife and about 3:00 AM we decided it was time to try and go to sleep. My wife and I have read numerous books in our 31 years of marriage; however, your material has inspired us to the core of our being like no other books on this subject have. Patsy, thank you again and may the LORD bless and prosper your ministry as you share your beautiful scripturally balanced needful message in this hour.

"The Song of Solomon alone makes it invaluable"
Alabama Preacher's Amazon Review
These two volumes are the best books on marriage that I have read, and I have read many. I have bought and given away many copies, used them to teach and counsel. Vol. 1 is great for pre-marital counseling, to strengthen marriages, and to help save even very desperate marriages. Mrs. Dawson goes through many, many Bible texts dealing with the subject of marriage, deals with them thoroughly, and makes great applications with anecdotes, illustrations, and current events.

Her chapters on the Song of Solomon alone make the book invaluable.

 "A fabulous job of studying the scriptures--a lot of research" Preacher's Wife

My husband and I are doing an intense study of the Biblical principles of marriage. He is writing some sermons on the family, we are doing some counseling, and we have had a young married couples' marriage class in our home for close to two years. There is still much to learn.

I have had a book in my personal library for years and have never touched it until recently. I opened it and started reading it. It is probably the BEST study of marriage I have ever read. It is accurate, it is thorough, and it is well researched and documented. It is written by a woman who is a Christian.

She does a fabulous job of studying the scriptures. She has done a lot of research. She reminds me of how MUCH God HAS told us about marriage and families. I often hear Christians say, "I wish God had told us more about marriage." -- It's there! The Word is rich with instruction and application.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone -- whether you've been married for 50 years or one year; whether you consider your marriage healthy or unhealthy; even if (or perhaps "especially") you are still single.

I was just reading this for our class last night!! It is sooo good, and is by far the best I've read in this "genre." I LOVED the part in the second chapter about prayer. Between this and my husband's lessons, we're getting the double whammy!

 "I like how she explains things through using scripture" Class Student

We have been using this book in our Ladies Bible Study for a while. I have not been through the whole book, but what I have read has been wonderful! I really like how she explains things through using scripture. The section on the Song of Solomon is great and has helped me understand the book in a way I never did before!

I recommend the book. I also recommend her 2nd volume, "God's People Make the Best Lovers." I haven't been able to read it yet, but my husband read through both books in preparation for a series he did on marriage and found them very helpful.

"I'm falling in love all over again!" is the most common statement readers make.

Understanding how the Bible turns marriages into literal tastes of heaven will thrill you as you learn the Biblical formula for solving every marriage problem. You'll examine current medical evidence for the physical and mental differences between men and women. At the same time, you'll find your self-esteem growing along with increased respect for the opposite sex. The verse-by-verse study of the Song of Solomon will delight you as it captures the emotion God put into this wonderful true love story. Perhaps best of all, you'll discover that God put a blessing instead of a curse in subjection as you examine both the husband's and the wife's parts and learn where God tells women to draw the line in subjection.

Over 400 major scriptural points in each book, with examples from everyday life, beautifully show the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives.

Reader: "Patsy's materials are such a radical divergence from everything else on the market. Imagine going straight to God's word for help and healing in your marriage….what a novel idea!!!!"

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What People Are Saying!

  • Most exciting books I've read!
  • I couldn't put them down!
  • I'm falling in love all over again!
  • We were ready to divorce--now we have a great marriage!
  • I didn't know the Bible had so much to say about marriage!
  • Must read books!
  • Ideal for most women's AND MEN'S studies!

Your marriage will never be the same!
Series Information

The Marriage: A Taste of Heaven series is written by an award-winning author and minister's wife, Patsy Rae Dawson. These volumes offer the most comprehensive material available on marriage and the Bible. Over 400 major scriptural points in each book, with examples from everyday life, beautifully show the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives. Thought-provoking study, research, goal-achieving and personal exercises help both husbands and wives achieve lasting results.

The Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books are ideal for both class and personal use. Churches all over the United States and many foreign countries use these books in their marriage classes for both men and women and teenagers. The set makes an excellent gift. Both men and women love them.

One reader wrote, "The preacher is teaching out of the Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books in our couples' class. The response has been tremendous. These books are responsible for much happiness in this town!"

Table of Contents

The Problem: The Common Delusion

Solution I: God's Word vs. Worldly Fables
(How to Find the Answers to Marriage Problems)

Chapter 1: God's Plan for Men and Women
Chapter 2: Solving All Marriage Problems
Chapter 3: The Plight of Silly Old Women
Chapter 4: The Secret of Happiness

Solution II: Male and Female vs. Feminism and Unisex
(How to Balance Masculinity with Femininity)

Chapter 5: Woman, A Helper Meet for Man
Chapter 6: The "Very Good" Lost and Found
Chapter 7: Appreciating the Stronger Vessel
Chapter 8: Honoring the Weaker Vessel

Solution III: True Love vs. Sensuous Love
(How to Lay the Foundation for a Happy Marriage)
**verse-by-verse study of the Song of Solomon**

Chapter 9: The Woman's Search for True Love
Chapter 10: The Man's Search for True Love
Chapter 11: The Emptiness of Sensuous Love
Chapter 12: The Triumph of True Love

Solution IV: Subjection vs. Servitude
(How to Become Truly Beautiful to Your Husband)

Chapter 13: Subjection for Both Men and Women
Chapter 14: Finding the Blessing in Subjection
Chapter 15: Avoiding the Curse of Subjection
Chapter 16: False Concepts of Subjection

What Readers Say

Praised by Reviewers!

"Most thorough book on marriage I have ever read. It is an excellent study book for husband/wife class and teenage/young adult class looking toward marriage. A must read book for all to whom marriage is or will be the second most important facet of their life, serving Christ being first." (Billy Mann, SENTRY MAGAZINE)

"When my wife (a certified psychologist who deals with fractured marriages daily) and I have taught classes on marriage in church contexts, one frustration is not being able to refer people to good literature that one can recommend in good conscience. Thus, it is truly a pleasure to commend to our readers these books. They are excellent, stimulating volumes. I found the exposition of the Song of Solomon in Volume I to be quite good. These volumes can be used admirably for Bible study classes. They should be used for women's AND MEN'S Bible studies. But beyond that, these are books every married Christian, and every preacher, elder or others who must deal with fracturing marriages, should read." (Steve Wolfgang, gospel preacher, GUARDIAN OF TRUTH MAGAZINE)

5 stars-highest rating
A Wonderful Book! God's People Appreciate Marriage--This is the subtitle of this excellent book. It is a well-researched, thorough book containing numerous scriptures that pertain to the Christian marriage. Not only does the author cite the passages, she also explains them using word definitions and real-life examples. She goes to great lengths to help the reader to understand both the husband's and wife's role in the marriage relationship as intended by its designer--God. This is no lightweight book. There are exercises and homework assignments at the end of each chapter that require biblical research and much thought. If you want to do your part to improve your marriage, I highly recommend this book! (Reviewer from Lewisville, Texas, AMAZON.COM)

Falling in Love Again!

"I was ready for a divorce when I decided to study this book as a last effort to save my marriage. Before I was half through, I found myself falling in love all over again. I never dreamed it was possible!" (Washington Student)

Happy Marriages Get Better!

"I want to order more books. I can't tell you how happy the other women in our marriage class and I am. I didn't think I had such a bad marriage but now I am overjoyed to see the difference my improvements have made in my relationship with my husband." (Illinois Christian and teacher)

"The depth of your study is tremendous and I have benefited greatly. I am using your book to teach a neighborhood women's Bible class. They seem to get a great deal out of it from their comments. I hope to teach this material to my daughter soon." (New York Christian)

"I always thought I had a very happy marriage that needed little improvement, but as I've been learning my role and trying to practice it, our marriage has greatly improved and the whole family is happier." (California Christian)

Christianity Comes Alive!

"I wanted to tell you how much your book on marriage has meant to me. I feel it's been one of the most important studies I've ever had. To know how God intends marriage is very important. I'm happier now than I've ever been." (Texas Christian)

"Your book helped make Christianity come alive in my life. I want to order some copies to introduce to the ladies in the church here." (Houston Christian)

"Not only has this book shown me how to win back my wife's affection, it has taught me how to study for myself." (Ohio Christian)

These Books Changed my Life

"These books changed my life. The author is an expository teacher and explains what GOD says in the Greek or Hebrew. It's not her "advice," but it's God's advice. I would have to say they are the best books on marriage I have ever read.

"I buy them again and again and always end up giving them away. I wish I was rich and could buy a big stack of them to give to everyone I know. Every one needs to read them.

They are such a radical divergence from everything else on the market. Imagine going straight to God's word for help and healing in your marriage...what a novel idea!!!!" (Florida Christian)

Love for God Increases!

"I'm spending lots of time in this study, but I'm loving it. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed that I have to stop and thank God for His beautiful, wonderful word. It brings such joy to my soul. At times I find myself singing aloud, "Praise His name!" I'm on a spiritual high thanks to you." (Oklahoma Christian and teacher)

"I became a Christian as a result of studying this book with a neighbor. If God was this plain about how to enjoy a happy marriage, I wanted to know what he had to say about other subjects. My husband also became a Christian as a result of seeing the difference God's word made in my life." (California Christian)

Newlyweds Benefit!

"My wife and I bought a copy of your book while in college. We have been blessed by all the good Bible teaching and principles for marriage which you have presented. God bless you for making His practical Word so easy to understand!" (Indiana Christian)

Marriages Transformed!

"A friend told me I desperately needed this book after listening to my complaints about my husband. In just one weekend of practicing what I learned, I couldn't believe the different in the way he treated me. When we visited my aunt, she wanted to know what happened, we had changed so much. Now she wants her own copy and so does another friend. Please rush the books." (Arkansas Christian)

Used in Successful Classes!

"I have been so excited about this study that I've told every woman who will listen that she needs this study. Our ladies prayer group has decided that this would be an excellent study to do, so as soon as we get permission from the elders, you should be receiving a book order. Imagine the great things that can happen in our chapel because of a crisis in my marriage!" (Canadian Christian)

"Studies with the women in the church here have been very edifying and have helped marriages. Thank you for taking the time to write such good books. I appreciate your word definitions, as you are very complete. Having only studied the Greek language for a couple of years, I know that I have much to learn; but I know enough to know that many who use Greek to prove points are not completely honest with their audiences about all the possible meanings. It is refreshing to study something that gives the whole story." (Bible class teacher)

“I gave one of the ladies who came to our first couples' class, your first book (I try to keep an extra copy or two on hand), and she and her husband had already gone ahead and studied the first four chapters. She told my wife, "This is the best thing that has ever happened to us." They went on a date for the first time in two years and contrary to her expectations they had plenty to talk about and had fun. He did not order alcohol, which he usually did. Obviously, they have a long way to go, but I thought you might like to know of that comment.” (Alabama preacher)

"The response to your book in our ladies' class has been tremendous and I just had to let you know." (Illinois Christian)

"Our minister preached a series of lessons from your book. After seeing his book, I was impressed and I wanted a copy for myself and my wife. I think this is a greatly neglected subject." (Oregon Christian)

"After teaching your book in the ladies' class here several women were baptized. Because of the changes in them, we soon baptized their husbands, too." (Gospel preacher)

"This series of books is so practical for both men and women, don't you dare label it 'ladies' Bible class' material." (Several Gospel Preachers)

"The preacher is teaching out of the Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books in our couples' class. The response has been tremendous. These books are responsible for much happiness in this town!" (South Carolina Christian)

Your marriage will never be the same!

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