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The Secret of the Song of Solomon

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Learn why women need great sex to be great mothers. In Part 1, Patsy and Oscar discuss Isaiah 66:7-13. God’s genius shows in designing passionate lovemaking to ensure women rise to their full potential as loving mothers and to protect their children in the womb, while nursing, and in growing up.Passionate lovemaking between fathers and mothers may just affect mood swings during pregnancy and ease of delivery. It might even transform those teenage years into joy for everyone. These hormones of love show God's love for women in helping them be the most loving mothers possible. The effect of passionate lovemaking on the whole family is phenomenal.

Spouse Abuse

Listen to internet radio with Bonnie Kaye on BlogTalkRadio

Patsy Rae Dawson interviews Dianne G. Sagan, a victim of spouse abuse. They talk about "Why They Stay." Dianne is the author of Shelter from the Storm, the fictionalized story of her own abuse.

Divorce in Gay Marriages

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Bonnie Kaye, the media's go-to-expert on gay marriages, interviews Patsy Rae Dawson on her Straight Wives program about the effect of unloving homes on the children. They also discuss Malachi 2: What God Hates More than Divorce. Patsy speaks as a Christian counselor who teaches Christian women the beauty and importance of sex during marriage. She also explains why staying married to a gay man is not an obligation of the Christian religion. Patsy is a regular on Bonnie's shows.

Publishing Consultant

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Interview about Patsy Rae Dawson's book Optimize Your Book Like a Web Site for FREE Virtual Marketing by Willie Crawford, one of the world's leading online marketing consultants. They discuss Patsy's original idea of writing your book from the inside out loaded with electronic spider bait: keywords, name-dropping, and bolded headings, plus special appendices, not only establishes your expertise, but also helps the search engines find you.

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