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50 Shades of Grey

Lure of the Lurid, Women exhorted to eschew widely accepted pornographic novel” interview by freelance reporter Deann Alford on Fifty Shades of Grey. Read the back story, Fifty Shades of Grey turning Christians into laughing stocks.

The Song of Solomon and Valentines Day

"Under THE Covers 'Song' makes Bible readers blush" interview with Paul Asay for the Colorado Springs Gazette. Email from Paul:

Thanks, Patsy. You have pretty good placement on the Google search engine,
actually ... there were a few other Christian-based educational
"opportunities" based on the Song of Solomon, but some were conferences
out of state. Our Colorado Springs readers could order your tapes and CDs,
if they wanted to learn more, so that was a big "selling point," as it

You're right -- there were a ton of other articles on the SOS, and read
many of them for background, but most were fairly informational and
academic. Yours stressed the pragmatic ways the book could be used today,
and that was important for the article.

Glad you enjoyed it,


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