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Permission to Reproduce Articles

Articles by Patsy Rae Dawson are copyright © 2000-2018 by Patsy Rae Dawson LLC. All rights reserved.

Pictures and graphics may have other copyright ownership and you may not copy them.

You may copy the articles, but not the pictures and graphics, for noncommercial use only, provided you do the following:

1. Give attribution to Patsy Rae Dawson as the author
2. Make no modifications to the materials
3. Follow Google's search engine guidelines by stating at the end of the article "This article was originally published on"
4. Do not use the materials in a manner that suggests an association with Patsy Rae Dawson or Patsy Rae Dawson LLC
5. Do not download quantities of materials to a database, server, or personal computer for reuse for commercial purposes

You may not use this material in any other way without prior written permission. For additional permissions, contact Patsy Rae Dawson LLC at