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Love Quiz

Bible Quiz on Sexual Love

See God's Approval of Lovemaking!

Patsy Rae Dawson

Answer true or false:

  1. The Bible teaches lovemaking should be mainly for procreation.
  2. Lovemaking does not comfort a person after the death of a loved one.
  3. Men enjoy lovemaking more than women do.
  4. Learning the latest techniques helps a wife satisfy her husband's sexual desires.
  5. Lovemaking helps men sleep better, but it leaves women wide awake.
  6. All God requires of Christians in the sexual realm is to avoid fornication and evil thoughts.
  7. Godly wives should avoid initiating lovemaking.
  8. Christians get less enjoyment from lovemaking than non-Christians do.
  9. There is no such thing as frigid wives, only clumsy husbands.
  10. Self-masturbation is harmless to men and women for draining off sexual energies and for pleasure.
  11. The Bible's teachings about sexual love are outdated for modern men and women.
  12. "One flesh" refers only to sexual intercourse in marriage.
  13. The Bible doesn't offer any solutions for severe sexual problems such as sexual addiction.
  14. Wives just have to suffer through their husbands' temptations to engage in middle-aged affairs?
  15. The better Christian you are, the better lover you'll be.

Answers to Bible Quiz on Sexual Love