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Answers to Bible Quiz on Sexual Love

See God's Approval of Lovemaking!

Patsy Rae Dawson

  1. False. The Bible gives at least eight reasons for lovemaking with procreation being the least important. Can you name them?
  2. False. The Bible gives two examples of how lovemaking comforts a person during mourning. Can you find them?
  3. False. The Bible portrays the woman as the man's sexual equal both in desire and ability to experience pleasure. Can you find the passages?
  4. False. The Bible teaches a wife how to satisfy her husband's mental needs which enhances his physical sensations. Do you know how this works?
  5. False. The Song of Solomon teaches that lovemaking helps both men and women sleep better. Are you familiar with this true love story and the beautiful sexual teachings in that book?
  6. False. It's not enough for Christians to say, "I don't commit fornication or think evil thoughts." God also commands Christians to use lovemaking properly in marriage. Do you know which scriptures teach this?
  7. False. The Bible portrays the wife as the initiator of lovemaking while the husband soaks up her attentions. Do you know where the passages are found?
  8. False. God designed sexual love for His people and when they follow His laws, it frees their bodies and minds to enjoy total ecstasy in the arms of their spouses. Surveys show religious people are more successful in lovemaking than non-religious. Can you show why this is so from the Bible?
  9. False. Contrary to popular belief, a husband doing all the right manipulations won't give his wife a wonderful orgasm. The key to a wife's sexual responses comes from maintaining the right attitudes. Have you studied the portrait of a sexually frustrated wife that God has preserved in the Bible to teach women the secret of success?
  10. False. While masturbation seems to give pleasure, it actually numbs the sensations so that sexual penetration with a mate is less satisfying. All masturbation is not sinful, but God does regulate it to help His people enjoy exciting orgasms with their chosen mates. Do you know the important regulations and the harm not obeying them causes?
  11. False. The Bible has taught for over 3000 years the secret for sexual success that sexologists only discovered in the last 20 years. Do you know what it is?
  12. False. The Bible uses "one flesh" five times and shows that the coupling of the minds is an important part of it. Do you know how the male and female minds unite to create supreme sexual pleasure for both husbands and wives?
  13. False. King Solomon demonstrated many of the characteristics of full-blown sexual addiction in the Song of Solomon. Likewise, the Corinthians were involved in gross sexual activities and lifestyles when they became Christians. Yet first-century Christians successfully overcame these problems. Do you know the three-part formula in the Bible that they used and that can be used today to overcome sexual addiction?
  14. False. The Bible portrays the older wife as an exciting lover who offers her husband something a different woman every night cannot. Do you know what it is?
  15. True. Following the Bible's guidelines for marriage, getting rid of guilt and bitterness, and understanding the role of lovemaking frees Christians to enjoy wonderful love lives. Would you like to know better how this is possible?

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