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Song of Solomon Love Triangle Class Instructions and Discounts

by Patsy Rae Dawson

Chapters 1-12 of this book contain Study, Research, and Personal Exercises and are designed to be taught in quarterly Bible classes. For semester classes, split up the homework and allow more class participation. Chapters 13-14 and the appendices contain supplemental material for study outside the class.

Obviously, you won’t be able to discuss all the material in your classes. Your primary goal should be to help the students understand the story and the scriptures so they can apply the principles to their lives. Going over some of the homework at the beginning of the class is a great way to review the previous week’s lesson and motivate students to learn the Song of Solomon. You may want to ask the students to turn in their homework (with the exception of Personal Exercises). This gives you a chance to offer individual encouragement and evaluate both your teaching and their progress.

I’m an independent Bible student and encourage others to do their own studying. Thus question 9 in the Study Exercises gives students and teachers a chance to disagree with anything taught.

Class discounts for paperbacks. The discounts apply only to the full price for USA orders. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for paperbacks plus the actual shipping cost. Smaller additional orders for new students will be discounted the same as the original order. Email me for information on foreign orders.

1-9 books = full price
10-19 books = 10% discount
20-29 books = 20% discount
30+ books = 30% discount

Contact me. Please email me at Patsy at for more details and to take advantage of the discount offer. If I can help in any way as you teach this material, please contact me.