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The Song of Solomon Love Triangle: God’s Soulmating & Lovingmaking Guide for a Lifetime of Passionate Sex

Patsy Rae Dawson

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What People Are Saying
 "I had read Song of Songs many times and had done many studies on it but had SO much trouble understanding how we were supposed to see this man-whore (Solomon) and his relationship with the maiden as a good thing. I had trouble with reconciling monogamous loving marriage with this tale. The introduction of the Shepherd lover not only is in line with what I know to be God's heart but also intellectually makes a lot more sense! Thank you for helping me see that!" (East Coast Christian)

"I've read 19% of it according to my Kindle. That's into chapter 3, "The Rose of Sharon's Self-Image" at Song of Solomon 2:1. I find it hard to put down. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the book and for sharing it with a sexually-confused society." (Dr. Michael Cole)

"This is the first time I've ever understood the Song of Solomon" (Most common remark readers make)

Experience the exquisite drama of The Song of Solomon Love Triangle through fictional vignettes alongside a verse-by-verse modern enhancement that preserves the integrity of the Scriptures.

Discover how God loves passionate sex as Patsy brings the Song of Solomon to life and applies it to the 21st century's unique problems of the ...

  • Purity Culture
  • Hookup Culture
  • Sexless Marriages Culture.

Patsy deals with the hard topics from the Song of Solomon:

  • sexless marriages & dead bedrooms
  • vaginal versus clitoral orgasms
  • oral sex & blow jobs
  • self-masturbation
  • feminine wet dreams
  • breast orgasms
  • intimacy anorexia
  • sexual addiction
  • Viagra and Addyi
  • and more...

The Song of Solomon takes us inside the mind of a young vineyard keeper who wins the lottery when King Solomon invites her to join his harem. That means a life of luxury for herself, her mother, and her brothers.

How can she dare say, "Let me think about it"? And then compare the King's proposal of sensuous love to her Shepherd's offer of true love?

How can a girl be so dumb? Or is she?

God has patiently taught for over 3000 years in the Song of Solomon the role that the brain, essential oils and aphrodisiacs, and the five senses play in true love. But science only began to understand the brain's impact in 1985. Thirty years later science still lags far behind God's wisdom and love in the Song of Solomon.

The Song of Solomon reveals King Solomon’s words of seduction, his fascination for virgin breasts over love, and his 140 wives at the time of the Song of Solomon…. Over a 40-year reign, Solomon would swell the number to 1000 of the most beautiful women in the known world from kings’ daughters to peasant maidens to slave girls.

If ever a man was born to test earthly love and pleasure—Solomon was that man. Indeed, he brags in Ecclesiastes that he denied himself no mental or physical delight known to man.

Explore the Israelite world of essential oils and aphrodisiacs. Discover how King Solomon used the aphrodisiac spikenard on the young Shulammite maiden. Only it backfired on him. Yet her Shepherd boyfriend said she's better than balsam--known for making men dizzy with lust. And most commentators assert the Song of Solomon has no drama....

Solomon’s Siren Song. Just for fun, I share with you snippets of the backstory a movie director might add to the production. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the era in which the Shulammite lived and loved. Together we explore Solomon's exotic life and how he may have reacted to being rejected by the young Maiden.You’ll find these at the beginning of each chapter.

Stacey's Story. To help readers who are struggling in an unloving marriage, Stacey (not her real name) gave permission to share her story. She emailed me in 2007 for help with her husband Joe who didn’t show interest in having sex with her.

Ideal for Classes. Some congregations will think this book is too racy to teach in their classes. But more and more churches are opening their eyes to what's going on with marriages. They know that porn is a secret problem with men who don't know how to love a woman intellectually, emotionally, and sexually. Women don't know how to love their husband either. And our children are the biggest sufferers of all as they try to figure out their way in life growing up in a home that doesn't radiate the love of God.

Discount for Classes. Chapters 1-12 of this book contain Study, Research, and Personal Exercises and are designed to be taught in quarterly Bible classes. For semester classes, split up the homework and allow more class participation. Chapters 13-14 and the appendices contain supplemental material for study outside the class. Check out the instructions and discount schedule for classes.

May God bless us all in our efforts to help our families, our congregations, and our world in becoming more loving toward one another. To God be the glory forever and ever.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: God Loves Passionate Sex


Chapter 2: The Shulammite’s Dilemma Begins (Song 1:1-17)

Solomon's Siren Song: Solomon Ruins Everything

Stacey's Story: Desperate Marriages and the Song of Solomon

Chapter 3: The King's Aphrodisiac Backfires (Song 1:9-2:7)

Solomon's Siren Song: Solomon Tries to Buy Love

Stacey's Story: "We Fight About Our Sexless Marriage! What Do I Do?"

Chapter 4: Solomon Proposes Sensuous Love (Song 2:8-4:7)

Solomon's Siren Song: Urgent Change of Plans

Stacey's Story: Fighting Fair Begins

Chapter 5: The Shepherd Proposes True Love (Song 4:8-15)

Solomon Siren Song: Her BrotherS Stand Firm

Stacey's Story: My Children Know Something Is Going On

Chapter 6: God Says, “Eat and Drink Until Tipsy with Love!" (Song 4:16-5:1)

Solomon's Siren Song: Frolicking with the Shepherd

Stacey's Story: The Verbal Abuse in This House Is Gone!

Chapter 7: The Love Aphrodisiac Wakes Up the Shulammite (Song 5:2-7)

Solomon's Siren Song: Solomon Makes It Hard

Stacey's Story: Fighting Fair Leads to Incredible Lovemaking

Chapter 8: The Shulammite Pleads, "Find My Beloved!" (Song 5:8-6:3)

Solomon's Siren Song: "Dear Lord, I'm Only 13!"

Stacey's Story: We Had an Over-the-Top Setback

Chapter 9: King Solomon Reigns over Sexless Marriages (Song 6:4-7:5)

Solomon's Siren Song: Solomon's Bachelor Party

Stacey's Story: Real Studying Begins

Chapter 10: The Shulammite Jilts Solomon (Song 7:6-13)

Solomon's Siren Song: "Queen Mother! Wake Up!"

Stacey's Story: My Son's and My Relationship Now

Chapter 11: The Shulammite Promises to Be Passionate (Song 8:1-4)

Solomon's Siren Song: By the Gazelles or By the Hinds

Stacey's Story: Vaginal Orgasms Make My Eyes Sparkle

Chapter 12: The Shulammite Marries Her Shepherd (Song 8:5-14)

Solomon's Siren Song: Unfinished Business

Stacey's Story: "I Can't Believe Our Happiness"


13. Solomon Never Had Great Sex with 1000 Virgins

14. Take 7 Steps for Sexual Healing


A. Wet Dreams, Laws of Cleanness, and Masturbation

B. Powerful Vaginal Orgasms of Love

C. Modern Sexual Keywords Used By Teenagers, College Students, and University Health Professionals

Works Cited

Patsy Rae Dawson

Phillip Gessert

The Song of Solomon Love Triangle: God’s Soulmating & Lovemaking Guide for a Lifetime of Passionate Sex

Three ribbons reveal the secret of lasting love with a center stripe for soulmating. King Solomon buckles and bends downward in response to his hollow core of self-absorption. The Shepherd swirls up with a loving heart bonding with the maiden. Internal dilemmas curl the Shulammite’s thoughts inward as her vibrant core pledges to settle only for true love.

Series Information

The Marriage: A Taste of Heaven series is written by an award-winning author and minister's wife, Patsy Rae Dawson. These volumes offer the most comprehensive material available on marriage and the Bible. Over 400 major scriptural points in each book, with examples from everyday life, beautifully show the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives. Thought-provoking study, research, goal-achieving and personal exercises help both husbands and wives achieve lasting results.

The Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books are ideal for both class and personal use. Churches all over the United States and many foreign countries use these books in their marriage classes for both men and women and teenagers. The set makes an excellent gift. Both men and women love them.

One reader wrote, "The preacher is teaching out of the Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books in our couples' class. The response has been tremendous. These books are responsible for much happiness in this town!"

Your love life will never be the same!

2 thoughts on “The Song of Solomon Love Triangle: God’s Soulmating & Lovingmaking Guide for a Lifetime of Passionate Sex

  1. Carlos Granados

    I was impressed with a new perception about the history behind song of songs. I enjoy the story of love behind it and like to thank you for your research. There is a story that I like, Ester. In my mind I have being comparing xerxes, solomon, herods, and pilate. Between solomon and xerxes I see is two different types of man. Xerxes was persuded by the love of Ester and perhaps the wisdom handed down by his father's Cyrus, and the power of God to accomplished is purpose through love. Althoug he had a harem as was the customs, I think he was a mature man and he really loved Ester even though may have being at first sight. I would love someone to write about that love between Ester and xerxes. Looks like he did not spend much time with her but they both fall in love. In addition that love persuade xerxes allows him not fall into the temptation of condemning an innocent man. However Pontious Pilatus did fell condemning Christ, Although Pilate's wife interceded for Christ. So I think Xerxes was a loving man, because God makes things perfect and love is perfect. But the book of Ester is more about how God saved the Jews through a Girl. There is some little credit on xerxes about the type of man that he was on chapter 10. But there is historical prove that there were at least two different king xerxes or antaxerxes, etc. So this confuses me. I wish someone would write about that love bestowed between xerxes and Ester.

    Thank you.

  2. iq

    Hi Carlos,
    There is a book called Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney about Esther. It reflects a lot of good research into the times. I especially enjoyed it. I suspect you would also.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you enjoyed the Song of Solomon Love Triangle. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate a review on Amazon or where ever you bought the book.

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