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The Song of Solomon is the Bible’s 3000-year-old soulmating and lovemaking guide for a lifetime of passionate sex. The story goes inside the mind of a young virgin as she struggles with whom to marry—the rich, powerful playboy king or her poor shepherd boyfriend. Is the brain the most powerful sexual organ? Most people say yes, but few really get just how powerful the brain is for creating passionate lovemaking for a lifetime. Take the Hand Love Test to experience for yourself just how amazing the brain really is for enjoying a passionate sex
» What are the 3 types of sexual deprivers?
» Can sexless marriages be turned around?
» 2 Timothy 3:1-5 lists 19 universal characteristics of sexless marriages. We covered the first 10.
» What are the 3 kinds of masturbation?

Are you struggling in a sexless marriage? STOP!

God wants you to love and enjoy passionate sex. He doesn't trap anyone in a loveless marriage. He provides many ways of escape.

Most advice for sexless marriages addresses only sexual ignorance, health or age-related problems, failure to make time for each other, or suggests better techniques.

Is that working for you?

According to the sexless marriages discussions forums, those simplistic solutions don't work for most people.

4-Gen GamesAfter over 40 years mentoring men and women in sexless marriages, I move beyond these easy solutions.  The Bible teaches three different types of sexless marriages and each requires a different means of escape. My teaching and coaching ranges from simple ignorance about sex to the hard-core career sexual deprivers who enjoy causing emotional and sexual pain.

Work with me as I help

» OPEN HEARTS to what true love looks, sounds, tastes, feels, smells, and acts like
» OPEN EYES to how 24/7 daytime clustered love sins translate into nighttime dead bedrooms
» OPEN MINDS to ways of overcoming sexless marriages for SPEAKING GOD’S BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE OF LOVE™

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Several options of 1-on-1 Sexless Marriages and Masked Personalities Christian Coaching will have the right one for your needs. Learn more...

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Sexless Marriages & Without Natural Affection Reflective Survey

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Everyone Is an Adult Child
God Doesn't Tell Children to Love Their Parents--
God Tells Children to Leave Their Parents



Which Describes You?
~ Codependent Enabler
~ Narcissistic Abuser
~Passionate Lover


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Start your healing today and take the Sexless Marriages Reflective Survey and open your eyes to the real issues in your dead bedroom.

What Debbie Reynolds’ 3 Passionless Marriages Teach About Sexless Marriages