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Are You Barely Surviving?

Is your sex life driving you crazy?
Is your masculine or feminine spirit crushed?
Are you thinking about divorce because you've lost all hope?

Talk to Patsy Rae Dawson
The Most Outspoken Christian Woman on Sex

~ God wants you to love and enjoy passionate sex. He doesn't trap anyone in loveless marriages, but provides many different ways of escape.

Patsy doesn't spend time on the band-aid, simple solutions, but gets right to the hard-core issues that are present in every sexless marriage. She draws on over 40 years experience coaching men and women on how to deal with sexless marriages and how to heal their crushed masculine or feminine spirit.

Patsy offers several different coaching programs customized to your specific needs. Check them out.

Overview of Christian Marriage, Sex, & Divorce Coaching

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WHO ARE YOU? Unmask Your Parental Love by Releasing Your Genetic Personality

Christian Answers on Marriage, Sex, and Divorce Coaching

Christian Divorce Coaching

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